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The ramblings of an insane weirdo
[mood| hot]
[music| AC/DC - Back in Black]

Well guess I just answered the question from my last blog.
I AM able to blog during daylight hours :O

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[mood| groggy]
[music| Fightstar - Floods]

Currently half 3 in the morning.
Will I ever blog during daytime hours? Not likely :P

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yardCollapse )

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[mood| tired]
[music| Sonic Advance - X-Zone]

It's like 2am but I'm blogging again so I can get used to doing this regularly :P

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[mood| nauseated]
[music| Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy]

You know what?
I just checked the date of my last entry and I was all like 'May? That was only last month...I don't remember blogging then!' And then I realised it said May 2007. I didn't even realise it's been over a year! LMAO! XDD

The last year in my lifeCollapse )

This is also for parcus! (See, I said I'd put them up for you :P)
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I promise to blog more often seeing as I'm on holidays 8D

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[mood| cold]
[music| Rihanna - Umbrella]

I know it's been over 2 weeks since I last blogged, but it was because I was piled down with coursework, revision and exams.
Glad to say, that I am now FREE!
No more university until October!

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[mood| blah]
[music| Amy Winehouse - Back to Black]

geemsoo, I know I promised I would update on Friday...but the cramps got a hold of me and wouldn't let me go X__x;
Sorry darling <3

A week in the life of me >_>Collapse )

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[mood| awake]
[music| Take That - Shine]

I would've blogged some time later this week but I'm going to be extremely busy this week V_V
Basically on Friday I've got to hand in ALL of my coursework.
This means that I'm going to be busy this whole week trying to get my coursework done on time >__>

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[mood| groggy]
[music| Pantera - Walk]

Yes...I am actually alive and I shall be molesting some of you on your lj's once I finish this entry XD
And I do realise it's been like forever since I blogged, I'm just too lazy to do it often, but I'll start trying to XP

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[mood| hot]
[music| Guilty Gear XX - Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)]

The only reason I'm posting right now is because I've just come back from University today and I'm just waiting to hang out the clothes >o>
I should have been back at about 6pm today but we found out that our lecturer wasn't in today and we had to go over to the North campus, the thing is I didn't have my bank card on me so I couldn't take any money out to put onto my card so I could go there. In the end I just came home after I did this morning's work V_V

In great news though, I saw Sarah today on the Underground!
We haven't seen each other in ages!!!
We caught up on the train and I found out that she and her girlfriend broke up because she lived to far away from Sarah ;_;
But...she has a new girlfriend!

I'll write some more later, I have no more energy left in this heat X_x;


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[mood| sleepy]
[music| The King of Fighters 2001 - All Ok!]

Today was my first day of University =D
I haven't officially enrolled yet though...that's on Wednesday.
With my sense of direction however, I got lost and then tried to ask someone to help only to find out that said person was an American Tourist XD;
Luckily, I left an hour early so I was fine. I did get lost about 5 times looking for the room I was meant to be in though, everyone kept giving me different directions! V_V

Also, fasting started on Saturday and it's getting harder and harder for me to eat anything at 4 in the morning. Today I could barely stomach one slice of toast!!!
And for some reason my teeth seem to be hurting.

I am slightly pissed off though, after I was woken up to fast I stayed up instead of going to back to sleep because I needed to go to an internet cafe and print out some papers only to find out later I didn't even need to print them out!

One last note: I finished .hack//INFECTION! YAY! NOW OFF TO PLAY .hack//MUTATION =D

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